Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Have a Great Summer

The YMS Newspaper Staff wishes you a happy and productive summer. Before we know it school will be back in session with all of its activities and ways for students to be an active part of their school. If you are interested in becoming a part of the YMS newspaper staff, watch the student announcements in the fall for our informative meeting. You can also email Mrs. Andrews (advisor) at mandrews@ysd.k12.sd.us for more information.

Make this summer a great one. We'll see you in the fall!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Teacher Feature - Mrs. Garvey

Photo and Story by: Oliver D.
Today’s teacher feature is on Mrs. Garvey! Mrs. Garvey is the 6th grade science teacher here at YMS. She is really nice, funny and a great teacher! Her room is upstairs across from Mrs. Kaltsulas’ room. Her classroom is very cool, you will notice she has a lot of Chiefs and Coca - Cola souvenirs.
Mrs. Garvey got her teaching degree in 1977.  Mrs. Garvey has taught for 40 years.  That’s a big commitment for kid’s education. Mrs. Garvey has wanted to be a teacher since first grade! Why did she come up with being a teacher?  “It was something she just loved doing.” Mrs. Garvey says. Her favorite thing about teaching is that she gets to work with so many different students. Why does she teach at YMS? “Because I taught elementary for 26 years and wanted to try something new.” Mrs. Garvey says. I can understand that, elementary kids can get a little hard to handle.

This is Mrs. Garvey’s last year of teaching. When this school year is over she says that she is going to do whatever she wants. (And that’s the truth.) A lot of students and staff will miss her, though.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Summer Activities

by Danielle P.

Summer is a conflicted time. When that last bell rings and Summer officially starts for teens all over the world, the first thought is probably: “Yes!” And then you wake up a few mornings later, then it’s: “What now?” The freedom of summer from bells and homework and tight schedules gives us much time to fill, but with what? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Take a nap. Relish in the fact that you can sleep during the hours of 7-4 P.M., when you normally aren’t able to.
  2. Repaint or remodel your room in a day. Sometimes it can be very refreshing to redo your room, and it takes a bit of time.
  3. Go to a summer camp. Whether it’s two days or two weeks, a summer camp can be an amazing experience. They vary in interests, like music and theatrics, to careers preparation and mere recreation.
  4. Stay with a relative. If you have a great-grandmother in Arkansas or an aunt in California, summer is a fantastic time to stay with them and experience a new place.
  5. Go to the fair. The rides and food are amazing, and it’s a wonderful time to hang out with a friend.
  6. Go hiking. Even if you don’t care for hiking, a trip to the Black Hills National Forest and the Devil’s Bathtub (a beautiful place) is a breathtaking experience.
  7. Join a summer sport. There are many opportunities for sports in the summer, so take advantage of one and have a little fun.
  8. Read a classic. Literature from Shakespeare is often read in high school, so you can get a headstart in the summer by reading one of his plays. If Shakespeare isn’t your style, try “Great Expectations” or “The Good Earth.”
  9. Take a walk in the rain with a friend. You’d be surprised at the meaningful conversations that occur under dreary light and endless rain.
  10. Go somewhere to look at nature. If it’s in the tree in your backyard or the Badlands, a quiet viewing of nature is often a calming and fulfilling experience.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Guide to 6th Grade

by Oliver D.

6th grade is the first grade in Middle School. I remember as a 5th grader I was worried about coming to 6th grade. I didn’t know any teachers, I had no clue how to open a locker, and I was worried about difficult assignments. Many 5th grade students worry about 6th grade. Afterall, 6th grade wasn’t terrible at all. Lockers are easy to open after you know your combination. The teachers are amazing, and the assignments will be great if you put effort into it. But go back to a 5th grader’s mindset and think. So here is a guide to 6th grade!

6th grade is an important year. “They’re becoming more independent and have more responsibilities.” Says Dr. Olson. Dr. Olson is the YMS’s Assistant Principal. Another reason is because you get to make new friends, and try out new classes.
What can you expect from 6th grade? You can expect to see new teachers and friends, take new classes, and learn plenty of new and cool things. You also can take fun after-school activities, like Newspaper or Track.
Here is some advice from Dr. Olson, “Do not stress about lockers, make as many friends as you can, and try out new things.” Also stay organized, get assignments completed, and again, make new friends.
“This 6th grade year went very well, they were all excited about this year and transitioned well.” Says Dr. Olson. I thought we were a really fun group of students as well.

So, don’t worry about 6th grade future 6th graders. Because no matter what, you will succeed. Just do your best and be smart.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Famous Quotes

By Cora J
     There are lots of famous quotes for example “To Be or Not to be” by William Shakespeare. Quotes have different meanings to different people. Like to me “To Be or Not to be “ means something like to try or not to try or something like that. I also asked a few students what it meant to them. The first student said,” To me to be or not to be is the golden rule” When I asked another student they said,”To be or not to be is just an impossible riddle.” Another quote that I found was “I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend,” by Abraham Lincoln. To me this means to make friends instead of enemies and if you have enemies than at least try to get along with them. I asked some other people what it meant to them and here is what they said: student #1 said,”It is like say, someone is being mean to you but instead of being mean back to them you show kindness because maybe they have problems at home or something,“ and student #2 said,”Story of my life .”

Here are some more quotes I like. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” by Wayne Gretzky. I like this one mostly because it says to try and even if you fail, if you don’t try then you would not of had the experience. Here are some opinions from the students. Student #1 said,” ,” and student number two said,”If you don’t take risks you won’t be rewarded .”The last quote is “Do or do not there is no try,” by Yoda. I don’t agree with this quote if you ask me there is a try and it is not just to do or do not. Student opinions: student #1, “That is a bad quote,” and student #2 said,”You have the chance to do something that seems hard but is not .” My last quote is “If you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for everything,” by Alexander Hamilton. I asked two more students what they thought about this quote. Here is what they said: student #1 said,”If you don’t have beliefs you are an idiot,” student #2,”You need to have something to fight for.” Those are just some of my favorite and one of my least favorite quotes, I hope you enjoyed and thank you to the students who put in there input on these quotes.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Special Someones

by Aminah W.

Special someones for each grade varies between each week. Each office usually draws each Thursday at the end of the day, but announces on Friday. The special someones are randomly drawn. When your name gets called sometime during the school day after school you bring it to the one of the offices. 6th graders bring it to Mrs. Moser (Main Office). 7th and 8th bring their special someones to Ms.Barkley in the 7th grade office.
A special someone is chosen random between students who have received a special someone slip.Then they receive pop or candy.You can get a special someone by helping out or doing a good deed, the teacher you helped then could give you a “special someone” for you. The YMS does this program to help make sure kids behave. So everyone should behave and try to get a special someone. Thank you Mrs.Moser and Ms. Barkley for the good facts for this article.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cell Phones: What’s the Big Deal?

by Maggie S.

Most of us probably own a cell phone and use it every day. We all know that phones are not allowed to be used in school during school hours. Which brings me to my question, what is the big deal with phones not being allowed during school hours?

I have interviewed Dr. Olson to find out why phones are not tolerated during school hours. She said "phones cause a distraction during class time," and "most middle schoolers are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of having a phone during school." They would cause a distraction to students; the whole point of going to school is to learn new things, not to text your best friend in the seat next to you.

Social media is another major make or break point of allowing phones in class. One student may take a photo of someone who did not want their picture taken. That student post the photo on the internet and soon the picture is spreading throughout the school. This shot is going viral throughout the school! Eventually, a teacher finds out, and all the fun is gone. The student that got their photo taken is upset, and the other that took the photo is in trouble. This is a lose-lose situation.

I asked a couple of students their opinions on the phone problem. Molly Savey and Marley Miller both agree that phones should be allowed in study hall or SRB. This sounds like a good idea, but Dr. Olson has another idea. She says that too many students can't handle using phones in the correct way. More kids would use it incorrectly than correctly. Well, when you're in high school, you can enjoy the perks of cell phones.