Friday, May 4, 2018

New 7th & 8th Grade Electives: Student Opinions

by Chloe D.

As we all know, this year the YMS has brought in many new electives. Some of them were fan favorites, and some of them were more disliked. I went around the school asking my classmates which ones were their favorites and which ones they thought would be different than what they signed up for. although art class wasn't necessarily a new class, many people said it was their favorite. It originally was supposed to be an all year class instead of one semester but so many people signed up, there was not enough space. My classmates said they liked to be able to express yourself creatively and to have fun while doing so. Many people signed up to learn Spanish, which was not an opportunity we were given before. When I went around to take a poll of people's opinions it was most divided on that class. People did so they enjoyed trying something new, and the activities they got to do.

On the other hand, learning part of a new language is harder than most people thought it would be, and so they weren't sure what they would be getting themselves into. Even though drama seems like a scary thing for the more of the shy people, many people did enjoy that class as well. They thought it was fun to learn more voice techniques and to organize a performance. Going on to Digital Media, it is a class taught by Mrs. Voeltz art teacher, and she only had one class of 7th graders last semester, and one class of eighth graders this semester. These classes were not intermixed with the grades unlike some of the others. Even though, digital media was a smaller bunch of students to talk to, that had many positive responses as well.

Science Olympiad is also an extracurricular activity so it wasn't anything particularly new to the students who took it. Not very many people sign up for that class either and their responses were both negative and positive. Lastly, the class that the least amount of kids signed up for, was sports statistics. From the people I talked to, they liked it, but it varies from different levels of activities being done, and involves a good amount of math, some we haven't learned yet. Some of it being challenging, and some being extremely easy. Out of all the selections to choose from, everyone I talked to found at least one new class they enjoyed for whatever reason that suited them. Personally, my favorite class is Digital Media because of the different things we learn, how easy the teacher makes it learn it and the activities we get to do as a class. I feel like the Middle School introducing more opportunities to learn different things, for students, is and was a very beneficial thing.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Response to New TCE and LCE Systems

by Maggie S.

Recently at YMS, the TCE and LCE classes volunteered to try-out Pitscos new system. New systems are normally better, right? Well, this may not be the case.

I interviewed the LCE teacher, Mrs. Beste, to get the facts about the new system and to hear her opinion on the topic. Before we dive into the matter, you need to know the basics. TCE and LCE are classes 7th and 8th graders are required to take. They deal with career exploration and help you find things you enjoy doing. This new program dives deeper and further into the career clusters and gives you a better learning opportunity.

Even though this program sounds great, there are some cons. Because we volunteered to try the new system, there are some kinks that can occasionally give us some trouble. The instructions can be difficult to follow. At least when the Chromebooks don't work, our technical support gets them fixed. This may be part of the reason why most students enjoy the old program better. Change can be difficult.

I asked a couple of my classmates if they like the new program better and almost all the replies were "no". When I was interviewing Mrs. Beste, I asked her why most students dislike the new program. She replied with, "Change is hard. Most of the students got into a set routine that they'd follow every day. With the new program, that old routine changes."

I agree with her. Once we get back into a routine, the new program will be much more enjoyable.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Newspaper Staff: A Student's Perspective

by Tori B.

Today I am going to talk to you about newspaper. Any middle school student can join newspaper. This activity is about the introduction to newspaper writing for Yankton middle school students. The middle school newspaper meets twice a month in Mrs. Andrews class room. You can join newspaper at the beginning of the year but some students joined later. This activity is important because they get confused during the writing process. And if you want to join next year you have to talk to someone that was in newspaper or you can talk to Mrs Andrews about newspaper. So thank you for listening about newspaper.

Monday, April 30, 2018

8th Graders Perform Hamlet

by Madison R.

For the last part of the year, our 8th graders will be performing Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I interviewed Mrs. Andrews, an 8th grader ELA teacher to get some information on this topic.

Almost every 8th grader is performing in this play. “The eighth graders study this play because it is fairly traditional. It gives a great opportunity for students to show their understanding through performance. It is also a great way to study and think about universal human themes. Shakespeare was good at that.” says Mrs. Andrews about why the students study this selection. The students do not audition for the play, but they do give input, as to what part they want. The teachers take notes throughout the year for kids who would do good in certain parts. So basically, you’re trying out all year.

The prep involved includes studying the story and the author before practicing. They have 5 practice days where they run the play and get used to role/ job. They also have 2 dress rehearsals. The play will be held in mid May, and no visitors are invited to watch. The play will be held in the Lecture Hall.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Earth Day

By Cora J

Every year we take one day to celebrate Earth but who actually goes out and does things for Earth Day. Sure you planted a tree with your class back in Elementary. But know one actually does anything for Earth Day unless there parents are super environmental. So I’ve came up with a top five easy things to do for Earth Day list. These are things you can easily do to give back to the other that gives so much to us.

1. Recycle, recycling is really important and if you haven’t noticed in every room there is a blue bin with a reduce, reuse, recycle symbol on it. Guess what it’s there for, to use. Take five extra steps a recycle your unwanted papers.

2. Reduce, if your in track or any sport or just like drinking water throughout the day then use a water bottle instead of a plastic one. For starters reusing a water bottle cost less then buying a plastic bottle every time. Since you don’t throw away water bottles it helps the environment as well. Not only that but 80% of plastic water bottles that are bought are thrown away. So if you are going to use plastic bottles at least recycle them once you’re done.

3. Reuse, one easy thing to ruse is coffee creamer container. Need a container for snacks? Well then just take the label off of a coffee creamer container and fill it up. You can put crackers to peanuts in it and it’s easy to travel with.

4. Clean up, do you have a nearby forest or maybe a pond. You can take just ten minutes out of your day and look around for trash. Do this every day for a week and see how much cleaner it will be.

5. Plant a flower. One of the best ways to help the earth is plant things in it. Take a planter of any kind, could be from the bottom of a pop jug that you paint or an actual flower planter, and put some dirt in it. After that buy some seeds and plant a flower. Not only is it fun to plant it’s also fun to watch it grow.

Every now and then you should give back to the Earth. Even the littlest things count. Happy Earth Day!!! (For those who don’t know Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd)

Credit to Mrs. Ryken

Thursday, April 26, 2018

7th and 8th Grade Track Overview

By: Oliver D.

Yankton Middle School is well known for its track and field success. The 7th and 8th Grade students who participate in this sport take great pride in their events and show what we can do. Track and Field is a sport which has two different concepts. Track events are running events and are done on the track. Runners must pace themselves and run extremely fast! Field events are done in different locations around the track, and do not mainly revolve around running and speed.

YMS Coach Mikkelsen, Coach Hovden, Coach Haar, and Coach Pesicka all take time out of their day to help coach the athletes everyday after school. The athletes practice relays, distance, sprinting, and throwing events. The coaches plan a workout for the athletes to do to get them into shape for an upcoming meet. The athletes work very hard to achieve their goal! However, many meets in the early season are canceled due to the extended winter weather we are having.The first day of practice was March 26th and the last meet is in May 7th. YMS Track and Field have meets on the following dates: April 23rd, April 28th, May 1, and May 7th.

Track and Field is also a great sport for building character in. Track and Field builds character and leadership in many athletes. You can make friends during the season and encourage each other to do their best! Not only does track build physical strength, it also builds character and friendships. Yankton Middle School Track and Field is truly an incredible sport!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Back row left to right: Henry H., Ashton K., Frankie I.,
Cayley T., Ariana P. and Elise H.,
Front row left to right: Brady F., Teagen W., Caden W,
Hannah I, Aliza D. and Aurora S.

(photo submitted to Elise H. for this story)
story by Elise H.

The YMS Orchestra classes performed in the Spring All School Orchestra Concert. All grades, 4-12 played musical selections and Ms. Emily Antonen conducted the concert. The spring orchestra concert was held on April 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm. The concert was held at the Yankton High School Theater.

The orchestra concert was performed to show the hard work the students of all grade level orchestra classes have done. The orchestra students have been practicing for the concert for about four months.

The YMS sixth grade orchestra class took a break from practicing for the concert to take some pictures.

The spring orchestra concert was an evening of music, fun and full of talent!