Friday, February 9, 2018

February Secret Staff Member Revealed

Watch the video below to learn the identity of the February Secret Staff Member and the winning student!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Read the clues below and click on the red question mark to submit a guess for January's secret staff member! On February 7, a winner will be chosen from among the correct responses. That person will earn suckers for his/her SRB. (The link was made inactive on 2-8-18) Thanks for your guesses!

 February Secret Staff Member ResponsesCan you guess this staff member with only these facts? This person’s degree is in elementary education. They went to college at Augustana University. A secret talent they have is they can play the guitar. Their favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye. Their favorite school lunch is roast turkey with mashed potatoes. This person likes to listen to Broadway show tunes. They enjoy kayaking in their spare time in the summer. A fun fact about this person is that they have watched their favorite movie over one hundred times, and have it memorized word for word. Can you guess this staff member?  

Monday, January 15, 2018

Book Review: White Fang

by Tori B. 

White Fang by Jack London

I  just  read the White Fang and now I am going to talk about it to anybody who wants to hear. It came out in public in 1916. And anybody can read this.The people would dislike the book is anybody who does not read the book. Or anybody who hates reading. There is a lot more books than just the White Fang written by Jack London: The Call of the Wild, The Sea Wolf, Hearts of Three..

I like this book because there is a wolf and it has puppies and only one survives.

Friday, January 12, 2018

6th Grade SRB Wins 1st Place in the YMS Operation Christmas Child

by Elise H.
The 6th Grade SRB classes won the YMS Student Council Operation Christmas

Child by giving the most donations. During the week of December 4th-8th the 6th, 7th, & 8th SRB Classes donated items to children in need for school supplies around the World. School supplies were crayons, markers, pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks, and paper. Because they won, the 6th grade SRB winners had a dodgeball tournament during SRB on 12/19/17. The dodgeball tournament was in the new gym. One SRB class played against another. Four SRB classes played at the same time. The SRB class that won the dodgeball tournament and a trophy was Mrs. Broscha’s class. Way to go 6th grade!

Standardized Testing: An Opinion

by Olivia H.

Is standardized testing data truly beneficial? Most students AND teachers will tell you no. I happen to agree. Every time MAP testing or SBAs come around, I can’t help but think about how ridiculous it all is. Kids learn at different paces, and you shouldn’t be comparing them to others. Instead you should be doing things to make sure they get caught up.

In my opinion, almost all kids have the ability to learn the exact same things as any other kid. However, they learn at different paces and in many different ways. Although teachers can try as hard as they can to individualize a student’s education, they just can’t. No matter if they have 30 students or 100, there are too many for a teacher to go one on one with them. And sure, you can put the lower-scoring kids in extra classes, but you’re still teaching them the same stuff in the same ways, and it’s no more likely to reach the kid you are trying to help. Eventually it’s just repetitive and excessive. Plus standardized tests also pressure teachers into teaching the test over what they think the students should know.

So now, for the original question, is the data collected from these tests really helping anything? If it is, then what exactly IS it helping with? In my opinion, and from what I’ve researched, I don’t consider the data beneficial. The tests don’t show a student’s true abilities, because students are told to learn things in ways that may not be efficient for them, at a pace that might rush them. If you need another opinion, you could probably ask a good majority of teachers, and they will tell you something similar.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Geography Bee

by Oliver D.

The geography bee is held around December every year here at YMS.  The geography bee is an event where participants can test their geography knowledge against other participants.  This event is hosted by Mrs. Anderson, the sixth grade social studies teacher.

The geography bee consists of seven rounds, with each round gaining intensity as it goes. The participants go through many types of geography-based questions, for example: This state’s state bird is the Lark Bunting, flying over the many mountains and its state capital, Denver. The answer is Colorado, but many people might not know this. This is why this event is really neat! The event will prioritize a kid’s knowledge of geography. The geography bee also consists of two events, the first one deciding the final 10 participants, the last one deciding the winner. The questions in the final round are often more intense than the ones in the first. First place went to myself, second place went to Tanner Rhode, and third place went to Zach Fedde.

This event is really cool, and if you are not in eighth grade you can practice on study websites to challenge and prepare next year! I really like how the competition is set-up and the questions are really intense!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Novel Content? Good or Bad?

Opion story by Cora J.

In the library there are many different types of books. But are all of them really appropriate for our age group? You can find books with curse words and even some with dirty content. I think that these sort of things are okay as long as you are mature enough, but should just anyone be able to read these things?

I do think that anyone should have access to any type of book they want to read. But even though books should be accessible to everyone shouldn't they have some kind of warning for the kind of content. For example in movies or games they have a rating like E for everyone and PG for parental guidance. They also have a small list of reasons why it is rated that. Then kids would know if that book was appropriate for them or not. Also some of the things in the library are, well let's just say, if a teacher caught you talking about that kind of stuff, they would not approve. I'm not saying we should bowdlerize everything just maybe a simple warning of the kind of content. What do you think is a warning needed or is it fine the way it is? Do you think we should even have these things in the library? I mean if we're not aloud to say it should we be aloud to read it. What do you think?