Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Secret Staff Member Revealed!

Cora J.'s Secret Staff Member article was a popular! Over half of you guessed the correct answer. Watch the video to see who the secret staff member was. The secret staff member will reveal whose submission won a treat for their SRB! Thanks for guessing and keep watching the YMS Happenings Blog for new stories and chances to win!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Group Projects?

by Jayda T.

Please take this survey and let me know what you think about group work here at YMS!


Monday, March 6, 2017

March Secret Staff Member

Read the clues below and click on the red question mark to submit a guess for March's secret staff member! On March 27, a winner will be chosen from among the correct responses. That person will earn suckers for his/her SRB

           The secret staff member this month is a very interesting person. He/She is told by all of her/his co-workers that she should be on a reality TV show. This person also enjoys trap shooting and biking. This member went to four different colleges listed below:
Northeast Community College: studied agriculture
Mount Marty and USD: studied PE, health, and recreation
Wayne State College: IT endorsement
Over summer this staff member likes to go to the pool, take bike rides, and walks. This person also has to take her/his kids to different sport activities. This member's favorite book is The Help, a book about black maids in Jackson, Mississippi. She/He likes Chilli as their favorite lunch, which I am pretty sure every teacher likes that meal. For middle school this teacher went to Irene Junior High. This person's favorite music types are rock and some country. Can you guess who this staff member is?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Mr. D. - The Middle-Schooler

by Joe A.

Mr. D went to middle school in Springfield. His school was small. “We had 30 kids in the whole seventh grade.”

His favorite subject was math, and his favorite teacher was the math teacher because she pushed him to be better in math.

Mr. D was the type of student who would have to work hard to get good grades. “Sometimes I didn't work as hard as I should have” he said.

I asked him if he enjoyed his years at middle school and he said yes. I also asked him if he played any sports in middle school. He said that he played football,wrestling, and track. He also said that these were all the sports that his middle school had.

When I asked about his middle school principal he said that he was nice but that if you got into trouble and didn't do your work then you would have a problem with him.

Mr. D said that some of his free-time hobbies during his middle school years were hanging out with his friends and messing around on the farm and hunting.

So there you have it: Mr. D the middle-schooler!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Secret Staff Member Revealed!

Jayda T.'s Secret Staff Member article was a stumper! Eighteen percent of the entries were correct. Over half of the guesses were from 6th graders. Good job 6th grade! Watch the video to see who the secret staff member was. The secret staff member will reveal whose submission won a treat for their SRB! Thanks for guessing and keep watching the YMS Happenings Blog for new stories and chances to win!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mathcounts Counts!

by Chloe D. 

As most of us here at YMS know, “Mathcounts’’ is part of the wide range of after school activities here at the YMS. What exactly is Mathcounts? Well it is a program useful across the nation to further the interest of mathematics to all middle school students. The team is full of familiar faces such as: Lauren Gillis, Donald Bonneau, Samuel Kampshoff, Anna Hauck , Carter Demaray, Ella Mulder, Tyler Carlson, Corrigan Johnke,  Elizabeth Elsen, and Chloe McDermott. The substitutes are Caden Kallhoff, Kiarra Prairie Chicken, Evan Nelson, and Grant Bonneau.

Since the team is already established, if you are interested in participating in this activity next year they hold practice sessions from December through February to prepare for the chapter competition in Sioux Falls. The students take a test to determine who will be apart of the local competition. The top ten students will compete at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls on Thursday, February 23rd. I would advise you to take part in this activity.

Friday, February 17, 2017

All-State Band

by Brooke A.

Picture the band room, filled with tension. Everyone is on the edge of their seats. No one whispers a word as Mrs.Wenisch stands up to say those words you so desperately want to hear: your name. She opens her mouth to speak and those few seconds feel like centuries. They drag on and on. She says a name. Then another. Then yours. You can hardly hear her finish as your heart is beating wildly with excitement, almost jumping out of your chest. Everyone congratulates you throughout the day, but you’ll be too joyous to hear many of them. You made it.
This is how three students felt as their names were called upon to be part of the All State Band. Jonathan Wenisch(8th, third year), Samuel Kampshoff(7th, first year), and Damien Magnuson(6th, first year) were all accepted this year, through lots of practice and hard work with the aid of Mrs.Wenisch. I interviewed all of them to see exactly what it took for them to achieve this amazing goal.
All State Band is a gathering of the best people throughout the state, bandwise, getting together to play at a concert. It will be held in the Huron High School, and the concert will be at their theater (dates are not yet secured). To be able to participate in All State, you have to audition, which takes a ton of hard work, stress, and LOTS OF PRACTICING!
Damien, Jon, and Sam
“One day in band… we were handed a clipboard to sign our name on,” Samuel says, when asked how he signed up.
“Mrs.Wenisch asked one day if I wanted to try out and I said ok. I had to practice a lot and I gave it all I had. It was a great experience and I hope I get to do it again,” says Damien.
“Anyone could do it, if they had the guts to,” Jonathan recalled, “It took hard work and we auditioned to some really weird and random songs. Practicing was very hard [with my schedule] and I practiced at least 150 minutes a week, and about forty-five a day!”
“It was really hard and stressful. I practiced easily over 100 minutes a week, twenty to thirty a day,” Samuel said, “Last year [6th grade] I participated for a few weeks and I was behind. I ended up being way too busy, and ended up dropping out. It can happen to anyone so don’t feel bad if you did.”
“When she said my name I was very happy and excited. It was very difficult. I think whoever practices and tries their hardest can make it,” Damien said.
Having been in All State for three years is a huge accomplishment, and Jonathan did just that this year. “I’m glad I got in and I’m really happy the stress is over. There were a lot of sleepless nights [where I sat and worried],” Jonathan said.
“The main purpose is to take the kids who “qualify/earn the right” to build on musical experiences to be better leaders,” Mrs.Wenisch says, “They didn’t procrastinate and did tons of hours of practice. I just want everyone who tried to keep in mind where they started and to look back to see how far they’ve come and look at the learning process. They learned to believe in themselves. We had eight others who put in time and effort. They may not have been selected, but they’re still stars in my mind! Take small steps and keep progressing.”
Everyone is encouraged to try out next year, and keep working until you get there. Every person there learned a ton, weather it was through the many scales, or just learning to not stop when you play. Keep trying, and eventually you’ll end up where you want to be!