Friday, March 23, 2018

Secret Staff Member!

Read the clues below and click on the red question mark to submit a guess for January's secret staff member! On February 7, a winner will be chosen from among the correct responses. That person will earn suckers for his/her SRB. (The link was made inactive on 2-8-18) Thanks for your guesses!
This month’s secret staff member is double-jointed in their right thumb! They’ve gone to two different colleges. For their undergraduate, they went to USD, but for their graduate, they went to USF. This staff member has a Bachelor's Degree in secondary English, and a masters degree in educational administration.

This person likes a lot of types of music, like 90s music but doesn’t enjoy country. In the summer this staff member enjoys going to the beach with their kids and reading. One of their many favorite books is The Giver. This staff member's favorite school lunch is corn dog. This person and their spouse's birthdays are two days apart. They are the same age for two days in the year.

If you think you know who this month's secret staff member is, try taking a guess! If you are chosen and get this secret staff member right then you have a chance to win your SRB a treat!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Where in YMS?!

Where in YMS are these items? Enter TODAY for a chance to win this contest. Click on this link to submit your guess. You have until the end of the day Thursday, March 22, to submit your guess.

Monday, March 19, 2018

New YMS Class: I-Technology

by Tori B.

I-Technology is the best because Mrs.Tramp is teaching this class. Only sixth graders are aloud to take this class. This class is taught because of the foundation of the 21st century technology. The exciting part of this class is for the students to be challenged and for the students to learn new skills. And this is a every other day class and it lasts one semester. So I hope you like this class.

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Hate U Give: A Book Review

by Cora J.

Synopsis: The Hate U Give is a book about a girl named Starr who is a teenage that has black skin. The Hate U Give follows the story of Starr after her childhood friend, Khalil, is shot dead by a cop even though he didn’t do anything. Since Starr was with him when he was killed she has lots of problems and you will have to read it to find out the rest.

My Opinion: I think this is a very interesting book that focus on real life problems. It focus mostly on black shootings that are unjust or uncalled for. It also focus on standing up for your rights which is one of the reasons it was so interesting. On the other hand I could see reasons why people would not like the book. For example there is quite a bit of harsh language and some of the topics are pretty mature. But all in all if you like books about real life problems than I definitely suggest The Hate U Give.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Year Long Student Teachers

story and photos by: Elliott D.

Mr. Ludens works in Mrs. Muth's room this year. 
Here in YMS there are many student teachers. There is Mr. Ludens who is in Mrs. Muth’s, Mr. Connor, who is in Mrs. Ryken’s, Mr. Neagbour, who is in Mrs. Schaeffer's, Mrs. Mayer, who is in Mrs. Rolfes’s, Mrs. Weabers, who is in Mr. Smith’s, Mrs. McCallum, who is in Mrs. Johnson’s, and Mrs. Berreth, who is in Mrs. Long’s room. I interviewed Mr. Ludens in order to get the information for this article. I would ask him questions, then he would answer them.

Teacher candidates, or student teachers, are college students that are in their final year of college. To learn more about actual teaching in front of students, they are put into a teacher-to-classroom setting. Student teachers responsibilities are to co-teach their class with their mentor teachers, and to take classes.

For Mr. Ludens, the best part about teaching is working with kids everyday. The hardest part about teaching is being a student, and a teacher at the same time. If you have ever wondered why some student teachers are here for only half a year, and some are here for a full year; it just depends on the school they go to. For an example; students that go to USD stay for a full year, meanwhile, people at Mount Marty, stay for half of a year. There are a lot of student teachers here at YMS, they worked very hard to get into college in order to teach us kids. So if you see a student teacher, you should thank them for taking their time to teach us. Also, all the student teachers are really nice and cool, so you could easily give them a high-five.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Scholastic Book Orders

YMS has a large middle school library
that students and teachers can use. 
story and photos by Chloe D.

Mrs. Andrews, like many other teachers at YMS
uses book orders to help fill her classroom library. 
Book Orders are sheets of paper that circle around the school because many English teachers use them. I interviewed the 8th grade ELA teacher Mrs. Andrews and she provided answers to my questions. Book Orders specifically are a way for kids to buy books for a lower cost. Teachers hand them out in class with a specified date to bring them back. The teacher has an account where they send the students money and receive books. With that account, teachers gain points with the amount of money students spend; if they get enough points they receive free books of the teachers´ choice. Mrs. Andrews says she hands them to start conversations with her students, and excite them about reading books. Some books on the Book Orders are as inexpensive as one dollar. So buy them for a good cause; to provide yourself with beneficial entertainment, and give back to your classroom!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Yearbook Design

by Nick T.

To some people, the Yearbook staff is a mystery unanswered because they have never asked about it. This paper should explain who, what, and where this takes place. These people meet with the teacher in charge of most of the indoor after-school activities like newspaper and book club; moving on Mrs. Andrews directs the yearbook staff. Including this yearbook is a significant thing to some students and faculty at YMS because they might treasure the yearbook with all of their friends or maybe even their favorite teachers or memories of their activities.

This activity might be a good idea for you as well because this activity ranges from 6th to 8th grade (in the middle school staff).As well as being on the yearbook staff they want to make it the best it can be because they know everybody will get the yearbook they worked hard to create.

YMS Yearbook Staff edits pages of the yearbook at their
final meeting. 
This group has vast trust because if they know if they are not done in their timeline people may forget about their memories. The yearbook staff is proud because they know they are making a page with people about those people for those people and the Yearbook staff is proud of helping them remember these things. The Yearbook staff say it can be hard to design these pages because they have to line everything up, so it looks like something people want to keep. There is more information about the yearbook staff in the informational meeting held at the beginning of the school year (every year). These meetings go over many of the rules and requirements of the staff. These also include dates and schedules of their meetings.